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About Us
CHEMRES is a global supplier of commodity and engineering resins. Our knowledge of formulations and compounding technology, along with a highly networked distribution system, make us the answer to all your company's resin needs.

We also provide supply chain management solutions. Our network of locations can source and deliver resins, compounds, and additives globally. Our goal is to deliver complete customer satisfaction and business continuity throughout the product life cycle.
  • Polymer Materials & Compounding Division - A diverse range of equipment and multiple production sites allow us to match the best process with our customer’s specific needs and value-added requirements. Processes available include: twin and single screw extrusion, Farrel Composite Mixer (FCM), Banbury mixer, peroxide absorption, and high-intensity and mechanical blending.
  • Recycling Division - Our recycling division continues to grow and is becoming a more integral part of our business. We work with our customers to create closed-loop recycling programs that benefit both our customers and the environment.
  • Private Label Packaging Division- We supply containers, caps, enclosures, and dispensers in both glass and plastic for the consumer products market.
CHEMRES understands that your success depends on our performance. As an ISO certified company, CHEMRES partners with suppliers and customers to ensure reliable quality throughout the production process to delivery.